Here’s what’s new on the Lifeed app

Our Life Based Learners certainly don’t have writer’s block. They’re constantly sharing reflections, ideas, new realizations, values and abilities with us. It’s because the Life Based Learning method is at the heart of Lifeed. We encourage self-narration through guided questions.

Reflecting and writing allows each of us to name the phases of the transition that we’re currently going through. It allows us to familiarise ourselves with what’s happening. What’s more, it allows us to see the bigger picture and see things more clearly. It’s a chance to rebuild our personal narrative.

There are so many studies that confirm the benefits of self-narration, both for our physical and emotional health. For example, it improves the way we regulate emotions, strengthens our immune system and cerebral health (Petrie et al. 2004). By writing about past trauma, we reduce our stress levels, lower our blood pressure and calm our heartbeat (Pennebaker, Hughes e O’Heeron 1987). Self-narration makes us happier and improves our relational skills (Pennebaker & Graybeal 2001, Baddeley & Pennebaker 2011). It improves our overall wellbeing and cognitive function (Barclay & Skarlicki 2009).

All these benefits come naturally and immediately in our private and working lives. It’s confirmed by those who have studied Lifeed: 74% feel they know themselves better, that they are more aware of themselves and their resources, while 64% say that the Lifeed method “helps them feel better”.

“This experience came along at just the right time. It’s leveraged my emotions, that are usually kept hidden away. But they are essential for activating change”, explains one participant. Another said “Lifeed has ‘authorized’ me to focus on myself before anything else, so I can give the best of myself at work”. 

The Lifeed Portfolio allows you to re-read your reflections

Thanks to the new Portfolio section, you can now re-read your reflections and explore the awareness that this life experience has bought to light. You can also re-write or add new reflections.

Skills that continue to grow

In the “Skills” section of the portfolio, you can see which skills you’ve already trained through Lifeed programs and Real Life Missions. What’s more, you can also see which skills you still need to train to better focus your training journey moving forward.

So, parents, caregivers and all those that are going through a life transition right now have the opportunity to get the most out of their Life Based training.