People Analytics


People Analytics

Listen to your staff while they are learning

People analytics

Analysing the growth of your people and listening to their needs and requirements is possible.
How? Through our data.

By using our People Analytics, you can recognise the identity dimensions of your people, analyse their growth and harness hidden talents by monitoring them over time thanks to a dedicated data analysis platform.


The Lifeed learning method, based on self-reflection, allows data to be collected in an aggregated and anonymous form that enables companies to get to know people in greater depth, to improve paths for growth, well-being and engagement.
The data analysis measures:

  • how many and which skills they are also using at work (in the example, 30%)
  • how many and which skills your people are using only at home (this is their “hidden potential”; in the example, 70%)


Our Head of Data, Chiara Bacilieri, can tell us.

Deep human learning®

To listen and get to know your people in more depth

More specifically, we use Deep Learning models to carry out this data analysis, allowing us to analyse hundreds of thousands of pieces data generated by participants in learning paths to discover the talents they express in all their life roles.

how it works?

The AI models will analyse all the reflections generated on the platform by people during our courses to measure and predict KPIs such as: self-efficacy, engagement, energy, work-life balance, skills and talents that people develop in all their life roles at home and at work.

Artificial Intelligence models improve our ability to read and analyse complex and dense data, such as user reflections on the platform.

The results of these analyses allow companies to get to know their people more deeply and to draw up growth plans that acknowledge the potential ‘hidden’ in their family and care roles and personal experiences.

Chiara Bacilieri, Head of Data di Lifeed