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Areas of intervention

Lifeed solutions enable companies to improve their employee welfare services, while supporting diversity and inclusion practices, as well as people’s overall well-being and work-life synergy.

The lives of organisations are a series of transitions, just like those of their employees. For companies that want to assess how they are managing change, Lifeed programmes offer the perfect way to measure sentiment within the company and identify how change affects skills, motivation, energy and stress.

Using our methodology and services, at Lifeed we develop blended learning products that offer clients and partners the opportunity to support members in reskilling and upskilling, evaluating results in terms of engagement and improvement of skills.

Through the power of data, we ensure that both members and organisations can highlight and exploit the skills they have acquired and the new roles they carry out, in a virtuous circle of learning and growth.

By focusing on data analysis and customised reporting, Lifeed offers companies the opportunity to assess how our solutions can influence corporate culture and incorporate them into ESG reports and impact assessments.

Lifeed supports caregivers, whether they are new parents or those caring for their own parents. By designing lifelong learning pathways around specific life transitions and focusing on the formative power of care, Lifeed enables real-life experiences to be transformed into critical work skills.

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If you feel our services can help you to support your clients better or you think you have content that could be adapted to our unique methodology, we can help you grow your relationships and reach new audiences. We are committed to helping you generate additional revenue and impact through our digital platform and unique solutions

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VARs receive access to our solutions and our growing library of content in English and Italian (so far!). Expand your current product or consulting portfolio with our solutions. We support the integration of our content into third-party applications or we can provide direct links to our platform.

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We value our partners and want to ensure that when we work together, we are building the best possible relationship. This is what we offer partners.


Partners can access our extensive library of content on life transitions and soft skills, helping them to grow the opportunities they offer their customers.


We offer partners the opportunity to leverage our analytical tools to enhance their customer offering, using data to help organisations grow and improve performance.


We are able to create dedicated environments on our platform for our partners to ensure a customised and curated experience for each customer.


We use the power of our Life Based Learning methodology to transform life experiences into continuous learning opportunities.

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