Life experiences enhance our energy and develop our soft skills, helping us to grow.
It benefits both companies and employees.

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Life experiences enhance our energy and develop our soft skills, helping us to grow.
It benefits both companies and employees.
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People Engagement

About us

We’re an EdTech business. We believe that in order to flourish in the digital age, businesses need to invest in nurturing their employees. We believe it needs to happen now.

We create digital training programs that can be used in the flow of life, designed to accompany employees through important life transitions, such as parenthood or caring for an elderly relative.


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Life Based Learning

We learn better from experiences than we do from a classroom. Learning is constantly put into practice through naturally intense journeys that center around what matters most to the individual.

The program includes micro-learning modules, interactive and multimedia content, reflective exercises, soft skills practice and journaling. It connects participants with a wider community where they can share ideas, progress and thoughts.

The benefits

People discover they have increased energy and life skills that are recognized and valued at work too. The company lowers training costs, improves quality and can open the courses up to everyone.

Soft Skill

Soft skills make the difference when it comes to digital transformation.

Talent Management

Life Ready Companies live and work well: that’s how they keep and attract the best talent.

Corporate climate

When all aspects of a person’s life are welcome, the company climate naturally improves.


Science tells us that taking on more roles, in life and in work, energizes and strengthens us, making us more flexible and open-minded. That’s why we learn more from life experiences, and we learn better too.


For parents with children under 18 and expectant mothers.


For caregivers that look after a parent, elderly or sick relative.


For everyone who’s living the most intense and challenging transitions ever.


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