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Full human potential

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Education technology with a social impact

Lifeed is the global EdTech company that creates innovative digital solutions for human capital development and sustainability.
Since 2015, Lifeed has been chosen by more than 100 companies in Italy and worldwide and it collaborates with universities and research centers to validate, measure and evolve its learning scientific method: Life Based Learning®.

Our mission: to transform life events into learning opportunities AND DEVELOPMENT OF FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL

“Since 2015, we have been studying how life and work can generate synergies, boost each other and transmit skills”

Riccarda Zezza, CEO & Founder


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Same vision, different backgrounds

Riccarda Zezza

Ceo & Founder

Giuseppe Donagemma
Giuseppe Donagemma


Gergely Iváncsics



People as the driver for change

We want to uncover the hidden potential in people to innovate the world of work, providing companies with a solution to increase the involvement, well-being and effectiveness of their organisation

Equal opportunities

We want to overturn stereotypes that prevent people from having equal opportunities for professional growth and access to power, understood above all as opportunities, the ability to be and to think


The all-round diversity expressed by each person in all their identity dimensions is a value for the community.


We support the model of generative caring leadership, accessible to all, allowing people grow through caring and listening, to bring out hidden talents, to innovate and devise projects that can survive for future generations.



We are young, but
we have come a long way

We started out in 2015 but we already have a rich and intense history behind us,
built from intuition, enthusiasm, research and tenacity.


10 years of scientific research

and partnerships with universities

Collaborazioni con università


Lifeed was mentioned by McKinsey & Company as one of the 10 most innovative and inclusive reskilling initiatives in the world.

It is also the first and only Italian company among the 16 disruptive and innovative high-growth companies selected by the Unreasonable Group to join the Unreasonable Future community, the international programme set up to help co-design the future of the world of work.

It is one of the five finalist companies for the EdtechX Startup Award 2022 organised by EdtechX, one of the most important players in the EdTech space.