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May 9th 2021


Caring Is Our Super Power—Let’s Lead With It

November 30th 2020

2020 has been a challenge for all, but our skills have actually increased over this time – both at home and at work.

September 23rd 2020

Interpersonal skills, empathy and resilience are in high demand as businesses look towards recovery. Our CEO Riccarda Zezza explores more.

May 14th 2020

Our latest research shows 60% of people are ready to return to work with renewed energy following the lockdown.

May 14th 2020

London Loves Business

Lots of things must change when returning to work after the pandemic, starting with corporate culture.

March 25th 2020


Riccarda Zezza discusses the inspiration behind Lifeed and how the world is changing through the pandemic.

January 16th 2020

Education Technology

65% of the UK work force has been a carer at some point in their careers. We spoke to Education Technology about the opportunities and challenges this brings.

January 16th 2020


Did you know caregiving experiences can strengthen leadership skills? Here’s how.

January 16th 2020

Peta PR

Companies spend huge budgets on classroom based courses, but fail to harness the learnings in everyday life.

January 14th 2020

Dad Blog

John Adams gives an honest review of our Lifeed New Parents program.

September 24th 2019

Peta Crunch

Riccarda talks about the concept behind Lifeed and how the company began.

July 23rd 2019

Business Cloud

Lifeed secures 1.5 million euros in funding after seeing an increase in demand for the platform across the world.

March 13th 2019


Is your company Life Ready? Innovation means letting work and life sit side by side.

February 1st 2019


Celebrating ChangemakHERS: Riccarda Zezza is recognised as a social entrepreneur that innovates with Lifeed.