Life Based Learning: Enhancing Work Through Parenthood

This week, our CEO Riccarda Zezza spoke about parenthood on Corporate Unplugged. The Podcast features people that are shaping the future of business.

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What would happen if businesses saw parenthood as a way of training soft skills? What if they felt empowered to do good in the world with an ethics-first approach? Learn how Lifeed founder (formerly known as MAAM), Riccarda Zezza aims to do just that. Based in Milan, Italy, Lifeed is the world’s first and only digital training program that turns parenthood into a training program for business skills.

The story behind Lifeed

Riccarda herself experienced first-hand negativity at work when she had children. She had dedicated her working life pre-children to doing good work for the business she worked for, but found herself discriminated against when she returned to work after maternity leave.

“I was very surprised when I was returning to work after maternity leave. My employer saw it as a weakness. Maternity is an anomaly in the perception of a linear life cycle of work”.

She also realised that the current training providers taught soft skills with artificial tools. Yet at the same time, her real life experiences provided her with everything she needed to develop her soft skills at home and at work.

“I thought ‘why do I have to spend time in classroom simulations about crisis management? I have my two year old daughter at home, providing me with the perfect crisis management training ground? It’s a free training ground available every day.’ ”

The Lifeed solution

The great thing about Riccarda’s life based learning program is that it helps make life simpler by allowing you to be you. It’s not just about being a better manager, or a better professional, but it’s about being a more relaxed parent – not feeling guilty about being with your family, and conversely, not feeling guilty when you’re in the office.

The life based learning program allows you to feel better about achieving a work life balance. hosted and produced this podcast.