Unlocking your team’s learning potential

What would your team do if they felt more energized? Would they feel creative and come up with new, innovative solutions? Would they happily tackle that big project that they’ve been putting off for the past few weeks? The future of work requires us to be agile. Learning and development opportunities that help people boost their productivity and adapt to change.

It’s a shift that’s only been accelerated through the pandemic, with many people experiencing lockdown fatigue. Automation and artificial intelligence have started to optimize our business processes and save human effort. 73% of employees believe that systems and technology can help them to produce higher-quality work.

Humans have the advantage over technology

But there is one clear advantage that humans have over machines. They can bring soft skills to the table. However, 38% of enterprises recognize that the past year has highlighted skills gaps amongst their people. Closing those gaps is a priority for their businesses.

That’s because when people hone their soft skills, it has a marked impact on key business results:

Continuous learning and development offers an alternative path to formal training, using life experiences to hone soft skills that can increase professional efficacy and boost employee engagement. In fact, organizations that make strategic investments in employee development report 11% greater profitability and twice as likely to retain their employees (Gallup, 2020). What’s more, our own research shows that when people learn to maximize their resources across the board, they can achieve more without increasing their effort, reducing stress level by up to 90% and enhancing the corporate climate (Lifeed, 2020). So how can we really unlock our teams’ learning potential?

So how can we really tap into the learning and development potential that’s already there, right in front of us? Download our continuous learning infographic to see how it could really make the difference for your business.