We learn through care: how caregiving improves our soft skills

We learn through care: how caregiving improves our soft skills

Lifeed is based on scientific research and data, and our latest caregiving path is no exception. Taking care of family members at home, or looking after an elderly, ill or dependent relative trains your soft skills. It’s a concept that has been validated through a number of scientific research studies.

According to Harvard Business University research, 73% of workers are involved in family care activities in the US alone. In Italy, Istat studies reveal that 30.5% of over 50s are caregivers for elderly parents. These statistics have paved the way for our latest digital program, dedicated to those who are caregivers.

It’s the first and only program for working caregivers. The soft skills training program transforms care experiences into soft skills. It follows the same learning format as our program for new parents, which has been used by over 8,000 mothers and fathers across 70 companies to date. We’ve seen skills improve by up to 35% and engagement rise by 85%. Above all, this new program allows caregivers to discover the new skills and resources that they are developing. It boosts their wellbeing and competitive edge at work.

What’s more, the new program also allows participants to train skills at work that can also be applied at home. In other words: stress management, risk management, decision making, empathy, delegation, leadership, self-belief and self-fulfilment.

Using the Life Based Learning method, Lifeed offers 9 digital modules enriched with interactive content and “real life” missions. It’s an opportunity to transform life experiences into a training environment.

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