Taking care of parents in the company, the welfare of the Unipol Group

The Unipol Group has been committed to Welfare services for many years that aim to make life both deeper and lighter, through programmes focused on the two fundamental pillars of care: parenting and caregiving.

In order to expand and strengthen its initiatives to support parenthood, in 2017 the Unipol Group introduced the Lifeed Child Masters’ course, aimed at colleagues who are new parents.

The aim was to unlock, both on a personal and corporate level, the wealth of benefits from the development of transverse skills that the parenting experience generates and to create a positive exchange between the two areas.

The data on the Child Master’s programme highlight the enhancement of the ability to combine the identity of parent with that of professional, the increase in energy, skills and positive exchange between the two spheres. This is further enhanced by an increase in identification with the company.

“With Lifeed, we wanted to legitimise even more in the company the fact that caring for children releases positive energy and makes people thrive, and the results prove it,” says Sabina Tarozzi, Head of Welfare Programmes at Unipol.