Avanade: the strategy for work-life balance

Parents, talent for the company

Being a parent is a full-time job. Often, however, the skills developed through this experience remain unexpressed and risk being confined to the private sphere.

Avanade needed a tool capable of bringing out and enhancing the skills that its staff have trained during parenthood, in order to transfer these valuable soft skills to the workplace.


  • Enhance people‚Äôs talents by harnessing the potential of their life experiences
  • Improve talent retention and work-life balance with a focus on skills training
  • Enrich the company’s parental support initiatives with an innovative tool

We firmly believe that caring for children is a decisive opportunity to acquire and strengthen transverse skills that can be used in the workplace. Lifeed helps us to raise this awareness among our employees.

Stefano Angilella, HR Director Avanade ICEG

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