Unipol group: Work-life synergy in Welfare


Taking care of parents in the company

Legitimisation of caregiving, considering these life experiences as real masters, releases energies and activates positive synergies.

The Unipol Group has been committed to Welfare services for many years that aim to make life both deeper and lighter, through programmes focused on the two fundamental pillars of care: parenting and caregiving.


  • To make the new parent and the company aware of the wealth of soft skills that are developed naturally during parenthood
  • To create synergies and positive crossovers between personal and professional spheres by enhancing diversity and inclusion in the company
  • To promote well-being and engagement and provide support before and after the birth of a child, looking at this experience with new eyes

With Lifeed, we wanted to legitimise even more in the company the fact that caring for children releases positive energy and allows people to flourish, which is backed up by the results.

Sabina Tarozzi, Head of Welfare Programmes at Unipol

Download the case study and discover how the Unipol Group has unlocked the value of parenthood in the company