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Dear Lifeed Community User,

this Cookie Policy refers to the use of cookies by the Lifeed web platform (hereinafter the “Platform“) owned by L.B.V. S.r.l. (hereinafter “LBV“) and forms an integral part of our Privacy Policy.

When you visit the Platform, it may store or retrieve information through your browser, mainly in the form of cookies.

To ensure maximum transparency in the use of cookies, we inform you that:

  • the ownership of some cookies is directly owned by LBV (first-party cookies), while for others it belongs to third-party domains (third-party cookies);
  • some cookies are deleted when the browser closes, while others (persistent cookies) have longer deadlines, from a few minutes to full months, depending on the functions they perform.

By using our Platform, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. You can choose not to allow certain types of cookies by selecting “Cookie Settings” on the banner that appears on the first access to the Platform and change the default settings of the different categories. However, blocking certain types of cookies may affect your experience on the Platform and the services we are able to offer.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are technical elements consisting of small text strings and used by web applications within communications in the HTTP and HTTPS protocols: they are very useful since they facilitate the connection between the client (user’s device) and the server (website visited by the user)

We use cookies to recognize your preferences or your device and to make the Platform work as you expect. They have different purposes such as, for example, allowing the user to navigate efficiently between pages, remembering his items saved in the cart and, in general, improving the browsing experience. They also help ensure that advertising content displayed online is more targeted to an user and their interests.

Depending on the function and use, cookies can be divided into: technical, functional, analytical and marketing-profiling cookies.

Lifeed Technical cookies
First Party cookie, HTTP protocol, internally used for the uploading or renewing our website content
1 day
First Party cookie, HTTP protocol, used to ensure visitor browsing-security by preventing cross-site request forgery
1 day

Technical cookies are constantly enabled and are necessary to perform the basic features of the Platform. These cookies allow you to recognize the User who uses the Platform during a single session or, if requested, also in subsequent sessions. These cookies determine whether the visitor has accepted the cookie consent box, resolve security issues and ensure compliance with current regulations.

As they are essential to the proper functioning of the Platform, technical cookies cannot be disabled through the functions of the banner. You can set your browser to block or have alerts about these cookies, but as a result some parts of the Platform will not work.

Lifeed Functional cookies
First Party cookie, HTML language, used to store a unique ID string for each chat-box session. This allows the website-support to see previous issue and reconnect with the previous supporter

Functional cookies are not indispensable to the operation of the Platform, but they improve the quality and browsing experience since they allow the Platform to provide advanced functionality and customization. These cookies, for example, allow you to recognize the user’s subsequent logins, so that you do not have to enter login data on each visit, or select your preferred language.

In order to allow us to use functional cookies, you can give your consent through the banner that appears you at your first access to the Platform. If you do not authorize these cookies, some or all of these services may not work properly.

Cookie analitici
Descrizione del Cookie
First party cookie, HTTP protocol, used to register a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
2 years
Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate
1 day
Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website
1 day

Analytical cookies are cookies that allow you to count visits and traffic sources for the processing of reports and statistics on how users navigate the Platform. These cookies, for example, show the pages of the website most visited by users, allow you to verify which are the recurring models of use of a website, help to understand all the difficulties encountered in using the website and to show the effectiveness of the advertising implemented on the Platform.

To allow us to use analytical cookies you can give your consent through the banner that appears at your first access to the Platform. All information collected by cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

Cookies can be deleted following the instructions below:

How can I delete cookies from my browser?

You can manage cookies through your browser settings. Below are the ways offered by major browsers to delete them:

  • In Explorer, select the Tools button, choose Security, and then select Delete Browsing History. Select the cookies and website data check box, and then select Delete.
  • In Chrome on your computer at the top right, click More, and then click Settings. In the “Privacy and Security” section, click Cookies and other site data. Click Show all cookies and site data, and then remove all. Confirm by clicking Clear All.
  • In Firefox, click the Menu button, and then click Library. Click History, and then click Clear recent history. From the Time interval to clear drop-down menu: Select all. Select Cookies and make sure that the other items you want to keep are not selected. Click OK to delete cookies, and then close the Clear All History window.
  • In Safari, click Safari, from the menu bar at the top, and select Preferences. In the Preferences window, click the Privacy tab, and select Manage Website Data. Then click Remove All.

For more information about cookies and to manage your preferences on third-party profiling cookies, we invite you to visit the website Once on the site, by accessing the “Your choices” area you can check the presence and status of the installed third-party cookies and manage their consent.

This Cookie Policy may be subject to changes and/or additions over time, also as a result of changes in applicable legislation. You can view the text of the Cookie Policy constantly updated on our Platform in the Cookie Policy section or make an explicit request by contacting the Data Controller or the DPO directly.

Last updated: may 2021