Gruppo BCC Iccrea: female empowerment with Lifeed Radar

More skills and leadership on the job

Gruppo BCC Iccrea is the largest cooperative banking group, the only national banking group with entirely Italian capital and the fourth banking group in Italy in terms of assets. The company has always been committed to ensuring a work environment that promotes and enhances the abilities and potential of each individual, through the appreciation of diversity, inclusion and the protection of the balance between private and professional life.

Project Goals

  • To enhance female leadership, The awareness of all their potential releases participants’ growth aspirations
  • To Develop Skills (growth mindset), in both the professional and personal spheres
  • To increase engagement, and self-confidence promotes an inclusive culture that values female leadership

The data highlighted by the launch of the Radar solution was surprising: 90% of our women feel more confident and aware, achieving +19% boost in leadership enhancement.

Fabiola Massimi, Head of Group People Development
& Performance
Gruppo BCC Iccrea

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