Live the experience of Lifeed programs and find out how to transform your people’s life experiences into skills and resources for the whole company.

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Find out how Lifeed can make the difference for your company’s results.


Participants declare greater involvement with the organization.


Improvement of soft skills thanks to daily practice.


Participants report having more energy at work and less sense of stress.

What we will show you during the live demo:

  • The pillars of Life Based Learning in action;
  • The user experience of the participants to Lifeed programs;
  • The HR experience, from the project management dashboard to the analytics and other tools available to Lifeed customers.



Filling the form you will also access the Lifeed Program Impact Report, which tells the impact of Lifeed solutions through the results of our customers and the experiences of the participants.

We are convinced that the experiences that take place outside of work enrich professional life. Recognizing and enhancing them allows us to return better and enriched professionals with greater skills to the company.

Sonia Malaspina

HR director South Europe Danone Specialized Nutrition