5 managerial actions to favour the return to the office

The initial phase of the pandemic created a sense of uncertainty and disorientation among people. Today, companies have the opportunity to start a new chapter. In this context, leaders are concentrating on finding suitable strategies to favour the gradual return to the office for their employees.

Now more than ever, people need to believe in the future and that they can contribute to it directly. During transitional phases, it’s possible to do so when HR managers innovate with attentive listening. It’s a simple action that can leverage organizational wellbeing, productivity and valuing talent.

Recent data emerging from Lifeed programs suggests that 62% of people feel anxious about the idea of “going back to normal”. 69% of employees expect their company to make space for their thoughts and feelings, to favour their return to the office. What’s more, 68% of Lifeed participants believe that the ideal manager should be a  ritiene che il manager ideale debba avere la dote dell’ascolto.

In particolare, ci sono 5 comportamenti manageriali che possono facilitare il passaggio dal senso di smarrimento al nuovo inizio.