The value of life transitions for people and companies

Emotions, needs and life experiences, bring value to people and their companies. Seeing people for all they really are provides an opportunity for developing skills and innovation. One of the most important life transitions is parenthood, an everyday training ground for soft skills.

Caring for ourselves and others, means accepting imperfections and valuing each person’s complexity. It helps to bring the change in cultural paradigm that the world needs right now.

These are just a few of the themes that were explored further at the “Beyond stereotypes: the value of life transitions for people and companies” event, organized as part of 4Weeks4Inclusion. It’s the biggest cross-corporate event dedicated to inclusion and promoted by TIM. Over 200 companies came together for a 4 week marathon that focused on this very topic.

The event organized by Lifeed in collaboration with Barilla featured Riccarda Zezza, CEO at Lifeed, Giulia Lamarca, Content Creator, Psychologist and Change MakerValeria Icardi, Customer Team Director & D&I ERG Balance Italy Leader at Barilla and Chiara Bacilieri, Head of Data at Lifeed

Watch the full video here:

With the aim of creating a new parenting culture within their company, Barilla launched the Winparenting Program to support parents and their managers through this important transition.

By analysing over 3,000 reflections from Barilla employees collected by Lifeed’s Work-Life Observatory through the Winparenting program, we can see a clear picture of the emotions that their people are feeling as they journey through parenting experiences.

Barilla has dynamically analyzed this data to allow them to see people for all they really are, considering a range of soft elements (such as the evolution of needs over time) that’s not always something that companies consider.