Introducing Lifeed: Life Feeds Education

We’ve changed our name from MAAM to Lifeed. But we’ve not changed our philosophy. Today more than ever we’re convinced that life feeds education.

We believe that together we can build on the foundations of Life Based Value: offering new ways to connect and new ways to synergise life and work, generating energy and sustainability.

That’s why we created Lifeed. We want to help people to feel seen in all their roles, even at work, and we’re working with companies to make this a reality.

We believe that everyone can improve their soft skills: we use a training method that uses life transitions to reveal each person’s potential.

We’re not just talking about parenthood or caring for a loved one. Every life event can train our soft skills. Scientific research and social observations have helped us to open our horizons to include all life transitions. They happen on a regular basis. When people see them as opportunities for development, they will feel stronger, with more skills and energy. What’s more, they can apply their learnings in the workplace too.

Over the past few years, we have coined our own terms and talked about new concepts that have become commonplace. So now we’re adding another one to the list with LifeedLife Feeds Education. When life meets corporate training, it enriches the way we learn in a way that’s impossible to do in the classroom.

We believe that it’s important to listen to people through every life phase: if you listen carefully to what they have to say, you’ll discover something wonderful happens.