Learning from parenthood, increasing employee engagement

Your company needs caring for, now more than ever.

The past year has thrown the concept of work-life balance into the spotlight as a business issue. It’s caused many HR departments to look at how they can make the workplace feel more human, authentic and compassionate, as well as considering work as something that deserves passion, meaning and love.

This transformation and reframing of work-life balance has a lot to do with soft skills. But how many of those skills have people already honed outside of the business world, without considering how they could be applied in their everyday jobs?

Parenthood is a great training ground for soft skills. Many people share in this experience – over a third of the workforce are new parents.

Think of all the new parents that have continued to adapt to new situations since the birth of their children. Their roles are constantly changing as their little ones reach new development milestones. There are so many new questions that they are addressing. They are negotiating in everyday tasks, sometimes making compromises. They are reflecting and learning from mistakes, moving forward together as a family team.

All we need to do is connect the dots and recognize the talents that are already there, right in front of us. When we apply these same skills at work, and vice versa, we optimize the amount of effort used to go about our days. Lifeed learners say this new synergy reduces stress levels by 90%, and 1 in 2 people discover new skills that they can apply at work (Lifeed, 2020).

How can we truly increase employee engagement? Download our infographic to discover the 5 parenting takeaways that will encourage employees to flourish.