Life skills are now part of your CV. Lifeed launches the #MyRealCV campaign

All life events can enrich our CVs. So why is it that life experiences are usually seen as “career breaks” in our professional careers? Take these for example: the birth of a child (20% of Italian women resign after maternity leave) and time dedicated to caregiving (28% of caregivers say that there’s a stigma surrounding this responsibility). But these life experiences activate 63 skills! It’s time to radically change our culture and consider these experiences as feeding our education. Experiences that are worthy of putting on our CVs.

That’s why we’ve created #MyRealCv. It’s our digital campaign designed to increase our awareness of skills trained through life experiences (such as becoming a parent, caring for a dependent relative, going through a divorce, a house move, a change in role). When we recognize that their complexity is enriching our CVs, we’ll be able to boost our work-life synergy too.

#MyRealCv has been created by Lifeed, the social impact EdTech company that transforms life events into learning experiences and involves their companies as agents for change.

The campaign, created in collaboration with communications agency Cookies & Partners, wants to encourage cultural change by involving the community on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In September, the initiative will grow as selected influencers will get involved to show how important work-life synergy is and how life events can help with that.

“It’s called ‘curriculum vitae’ (or rather an account of life), but we often forget about the life part. This means that we’re wasting resources that could be put to use at work and in society. Riccarda Zezza, Lifeed CEO said – With this campaign, we’re proposing a change to the paradigm that makes everyone more aware of the fact that life events generate skills that deserve to be valued in our professional lives, because they “work” there too.

The campaign is playful and open to all. It’s a simple test that asks users questions to identify the main changes that people are going through. It invites people to choose which skills they most identify with. The person then receives a report with the skills that they’ve developed so that they can then update them in their CV.

Lifeed has an innovative approach to the workplace, and is the first Italian company to be selected by the Unreasonable Group. This international network brings together disruptive innovators and entrepreneurs to co-create the future of work.