Lifeed is the first Italian company selected by Unreasonable future

Lifeed’s innovation reached another milestone this month. The EdTech company founded by Riccarda Zezza is the first and only Italian company amongst 16 disruptive and innovative fast-growing companies selected by the Unreasonable group. We’ve been invited to join the Unreasonable future international program, created by Fossil Foundation, Pearson and Accenture to co-create the future of work.

The selected companies are able to truly impact the future of the world of work. They offer innovative solutions, present and growing in the marketing. They are inclusive companies, able to break down stereotypes and change society for the better.

Unreasonable Future is a fellowship program that’s been running for the past three years. It brings together innovators and entrepreneurs to co-create the future. A future where people and technology work side by side to create a more sustainable and balanced future for everyone. The first two editions included 30 companies, reaching 17 million people in 180 countries. Up until now, the companies involved in Unreasonable Future have raised over 260 million dollars in investment. What’s more, the initiative has generated over 74 million visualizations on social media.

Innovative and democratic training

Lifeed training was named by McKinsey & Company as one of the 10 most innovative employee reskilling solutions in the world. Today, it’s used by over 20,000 people across 70 companies.

Riccarda Zezza said “Unreasonable Future represents a huge opportunity for Lifeed to diffuse innovative and democratic learning methods. It’s able to change people’s lives and redefine organizational models. We want to contribute to upskilling and empowering millions of workers, building a world of work where everyone can reach their true potential. We want to transform life experiences into professional skills“.

Unreasonable Future provides opportunities for discussion and growth for fast-growing, innovative companies. Entrepreneurs and partners are involved in workshops guided by experts, braintrust, global events and tailored immersive meetings. It’s a network of over 1000 mentors and specialists that support business growth. By maximizing relationships with trusts, foundations and consultancy businesses, Unreasonable Future is able to encourage considered investments for their selected initiatives through fundraising and their direct involvement.