Our roadshow in Japan

In November 2018, Lifeed went on tour to Japan. Our CEO Riccarda Zezza spent a whole week with Managers, representatives of Institutions and Universities, students and other social entrepreneurs. It was an opportunity to share about how work-life balance should radically be redefined worldwide, and how parents should stop seeing their time off work spent with their children in conflict with their careers.

Nurturing Experience as Power

NHK World-Japan, the international service of Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, interviewed Riccarda to better explain how parents’ caring experiences can train soft skills – even becoming the equivalent to a business degree.

Parents have skills that are key to the workplace

“What I want to say to Japanese women is that now is the time when new models are needed by women and society. If you don’t try to be perfect, think about something more fun. Don’t think about making sacrifices, think about creating a solution. It is certainly not easy to change society, but it is evident that it is not sustainable as it is now.” Riccarda Zezza on Asahi Shimbun GLOBE.

Parenthood boosts your career

“Being a parent means bringing more complexity to your life. When you raise a child, different kinds of problems come up every day. You have to deal with them all as a parent. As a result, you will be required to have mental flexibility, and your determination and judgment will be improved. It’s a very important skill as a professional person, and it will be possible to improve these abilities through parenting What has been scientifically proven is of course some sort of thing.” Riccarda speaking to Mrs. Miwa Tanaka, editor on Mi-Mollet.com and career counsellor.