Lifeed presents Lifeed Radar TM, the first digital development solution that, by applying Artificial Intelligence to a unique wealth of Human Data, reveals and activates the full potential of people in the company, even that traditionally unexpressed.

On average, only 30% of people’s potential is utilised in the workplace. Thanks to Lifeed Radar TM, companies can utilise the other 70%, the one that is usually used outside of work.


This is a real revolution in the way organisations look at and value people, the result of 10 years of investment in the study of Human Intelligence and research, carried out in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University, Bocconi University, University of Milan-Bicocca, Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna, University of Turin, Kellogg School of Management and National Innovation Centre Ageing.

Thanks to these studies, Lifeed Radar TM is able to make visible and give value to resources that are usually ignored because they are used in areas outside the workplace: in this way, even non-work experiences become useful and productive.

Managers, trainers and HR will be able to look at people in a new way thanks to Artificial Intelligence, receiving innovative Human Data with indications on how to improve the work of teams, relationships between people, skills such as innovation, leadership, mental agility and problem solving, maximising the full potential of people.


The effects of this solution have proven to be particularly effective in three areas: that of Retention, because people who are better seen are stronger and more motivated to stay in the company; that of Diversity & Inclusion, because getting to know people better enables the elimination of biases that weaken their potential; and that of Reskilling, as it doubles the soft skills available to employees.

Lifeed Radar is composed of a first tool designed for people: MultiMeĀ® Finder, an individual development tool that allows you to discover, measure and activate all the resources available in your private and professional life roles; and the Lifeed Monitor, a second tool that provides HR, managers and trainers with real-time Human Data accompanied by useful indicators and strategic actions to increase the potential available in teams.

“We have invested ten years in research and technological development to get to where we are today. No other solution on the market is able to do what Lifeed Radar does: we are excited to offer organisations a solution that finally allows the full potential of each individual to be ignited, enabling a healthier and faster growth process, with an impact on society as well. And with the ability to measure results accurately and continuously over time,” says Riccarda Zezza, founder and CEO of Lifeed.


The BCC Iccrea Group was able to use the Lifeed Radar solution in pilot mode, embarking on a path aimed at Diversity & Inclusion with a focus on female empowerment.

“We started a path to support the professional growth of the less represented gender, in a meritocratic and equal opportunity logic, studying an empowerment programme aimed at bringing out the talents of each of the participants in order to enhance them and strengthen their leadership profile” explains Fabiola Massimi, Head of Group People Development & Performance, BCC Iccrea Group.

“The data that emerged from the launch of the Radar solution was surprising: 90% of our women feel more confident and aware and are ready to try out the skills they generally only use in their personal life roles also in the professional sphere, achieving +19% leadership empowerment; overall, the results showed +20% effectiveness compared to the average Caring Companies”.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of Lifeed Radar? Download the whitepaper below and find out how to activate 100% of people in your company.