Beko: the innovative approach in Going back to the office

People at the center of transitions

After over a year of remote work due to the pandemic, Beko started gradually welcoming employees back to the office. The company has chosen Lifeed to lead people through this transition and make them actively involved in this change.

the goals

  • Intercept employees’ needs and emotions regarding going back to the office
  • Bring out resources and skills from people’s more private dimension that are transferable to their work
  • Raise employee awareness that their main training comes from their lives

For the first time we took an in-depth look at private aspects of employees that also impact their work. It is a win-win for people and for companies. You don’t necessarily need a classroom to teach people. Our daily lives shape us. To have this confirmed by Lifeed’s data is a great added value.

Andrea Marando, HR Manager Beko Italy

Download the case study and discover how Beko has put its people at the centre of its change management process