Multime® Finder

Multime® Finder

Discover the true value of people

A tool to explore all one’s identity dimensions and encourage the transfer of skills from one role to another.

Partner, parent, colleague, daughter or son. How many things are you? We all have complex lives and many overlapping roles.

All this can be a source of stress or it can become an opportunity to develop skills that are useful in life and at work. With MultiMe® Finder you help people in your company to use all their talents in a new way.

Multiply resources in the company

MultiMe® Finder increases employees’ level of self-awareness and activates the transfer of skills from one role to another.
MultiMe® Finder is the self-discovery tool developed together with the Kellogg School of Management that allows people to map their life roles, character profiles and associated skills.

See more, use more

MultiMe® Finder gives companies an aggregated snapshot of their employees, with a wealth of anonymous data and information on the talents people express in different life roles, and allows people to explore all their identity dimensions, revealing energies that often remain hidden

the company

  • Benefits from a larger pool of hidden talent and diversity already present
  • Benefits from people’s improved self-perception
  • Develops a deeper knowledge of its people


  • Discover the hidden strength in their life roles
  • Learn to utilise their talents across all their life roles
  • Increase their self-efficacy

the results


of participants feel they can use their potential better at work


of participants discovered that they have talents they were not using at work


of participants express greater involvement with their company

Discover the hidden potential
in your people