Accenture: parenting, a catalyst for inclusion.

Accenture’s strategy for equal opportunities

According to Accenture’s vision, it is only by valuing and including every talent that it is possible to interpret change, unleash innovation, exploit market challenges and achieve high performance.

This is why the company has decided to support those who live the dual role of professional and parent, valuing parenthood in the company as an extraordinary opportunity for growth.

The impact on people and the company


Indicates the ability to cooperate with others, the willingness to listen and to be empathetic. Participants’ stories indicate equal levels between new fathers and new mothers.


Empathy, listening, emotional intelligence. From the reflections generated by the participants, the relational skills indicator is much higher among new mothers.


Indicates the level of energy perceived and expressed by participants, new mothers and new fathers at Accenture, in their private and professional lives.

Working with Lifeed enhances our range of initiatives aimed at parents and anyone for whom caring experiences and relationships are part of their daily lives, helping to spread awareness of the importance of including and valuing the uniqueness of each individual.

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