Thanks to listening, re-inclusion becomes innovative

The return to the office and hybrid ways of working in the post-covid world present HR teams with new challenges. In the midst of the pandemic, people were physically distant for a long time, and now more than ever they need to be ‘re-boarded’. It goes beyond inclusion, it’s innovation. Riccarda Zezza, Lifeed CEO, explored the topic in a recent event Cultural mix and re-inclusion. How to reinterpret diversity in a phase of uncertainty organized by HRC.

When people go through transitions, just like the pandemic, they feel more fragile but also more aware and stronger. As we move through this phase of uncertainty, it’s important to listen to the emotions that employees express through self-reflection, as it favours the gradual move towards a ‘new normal’ and helps to piece together the puzzle, both at an individual and a collective level. Listening can stimulate us to re-elaborate the transition.

A new era for business

Over recent decades, we’ve tried to bring life into business with tailored services. During the pandemic, the reverse has happened – work has entered our home lives. Now, we need to rebuild the corporate image founded on shared values and missions. We also have the opportunity to psychologically support the people who need it most.

It doesn’t stop there: if the physical presence at work created value, now we need to continue to find that same value through hybrid working, focusing on communication and digital channels. What’s more, we need to consider that lots of people have been hired through periods of lockdown and have never visited the office. It’s also key to rethink the physical spaces, so that headquarters can be places that bring people together, giving people a reason to come to the office and collaborate.

These ideas emerged from a discussion with: Alessandro Agosti from Findomestic; Antimo Ricciardi from Almirall; Andrea Rubera from Tim; Maria Cristina Bombelli from Wise Growth; Ilaria Polvani from Baker Hughes; Doriana De Benedictis from EY; Federica Confalonieri from Heineken; Paolo Dolezzal from Watts Water Technologies; Anna Torri from Starbucks; Lucia Melcore from P&G.